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Hammer toe, Knob


Their forming and number depend on family succession but we also can contribute to their multiplication with unpropriate lifestyle. May exist stained or less pigmented ones anywhere on the body surface. In majority there are benign dermatomas. A few percentage become malignant. Commonly we have 20-80 pieces of greater-smaller moles on our body. Rarely occur more than 1000 or with very big extension.

How can we notice if something is wrong with a mole?

There are several little signs. Suddenly or slowly we find them growing, changing shape, projecting or itching. Colour can change: gets darker, different colours, one part is dark, the other is brighter like white coffee, or skin gets brighter around the naevus. Bleeds when normally shouldn’t bleed.

What is the connection between naevus and solarium or sunbathing?

Moles can multiplicate or become malignant because of UV light (natural light or solarium). Sunbathing between 11am and 4pm is harmful in particular when sunshine hits us perpendecularly. This period of time is not harmful only to our skin but to our eyes, too. Wear UV protecting sunglasses! (It’s not enough if only the glass is dark, because in this case filters out only visible light and having the pupils dilated, harmful rays can cause more damage than not wearing any fashionable sunglasses.

I must talk about the type of skin as well. White skined people know that they will not become tanned, at most they get burnt. Don’t force it, they have less pigment granules in their skin, which is responsible for getting tanned, than normal skined people.

If you sunbath for any cost, then use the suitable suntan oil/milk/cream at least. There are several factor-numbered among cosmetics. Don’t forget, UV protection attained to skin, lasts about 2 hours, even if we feel our skin still creamy. Of course, if you go into water, use protection afterwards too, because water washes down the cream. You can get burnt not only on beaches in summertime, but in the mountains too, wintertime.

When does it need to be removed by a specialist?

When it lays at a part of body where it’s under lesion all the time: ex.: scalp – combing, washing hair, at the hairdresser, or under the bra’s strap, at the waist – endures continuous attrition. On a man’s face, moles can be cut during shaving. Naevus can be injured also when you do sports or happens a small accident, etc.

It’s worth removing it even if it bothers you esthetically (on face, on breast). Hairy or bigger moles are not convenient neither for its owner nor for his/her partner.


Outworn conception not to remove or dissarrange the moles. On  the contrary, they should be removed! If it’s made by a specialist, it’s not dissarrangement. There’s no harmful consequence if we don’t consider it the small scar, lefting after a big black point.

It must be removed with its intact (healthy) edge, so the incision is a few mm bigger than the mole’s largest diameter. Priviously diagnosted malignant, suspect or inflamed naveus must be removed with more cm bigger, healthy edge. In these cases if the defect is too big and cannot be closed by simlpe suture, its surface has to be covered by plastic methods. The plastic surgeons has to discuss with the patients and show it on computer how the scar will look like atfer improvement.

In case of histologically malignant alterations, controls, further examinations follow the intervention. Its organization is done by the specialist, but it’s also patient’s interest to be present at the examinations.

Histological examination is always compulsory! Let your moles be removed only if you find a good specialist! Making the operation either at state or private clinic, ask for a copy even for the negative histological examination and keep it.


Burning, scratching, satíroz by laser, taking out sample, ligating and other horrible things that I have seen.

Removing a benign naevus, you get rid of a potential source of danger.

If you have your mole removed at initial stage, even if it’s malignant, it has good chance for improvement.




Hammer toe:

Generally formed on the second , third toe but sometimes on the forth, too. Tendon is shorter then it should be, therefore the bones of the phalanx rise. Many times even skin thickens. From one side hard shoe, from inside the bone of phalanx press it. Skin thickens or become abraded.

Pictures of 3 types of deformed toes:

„gampsodactylia”, „hammer”, „scaping”

Gampsodactylia on the second toe before operation, after operation it is straightened out.

Ball on the foot:

Wrongly chosen shoes, too high heels leads to the other deformity. Most of the times the  láb-középcsont fejecsének enlargement of cartilage, ………

Patient does not find shoes large enough not to have pain. This part often gets cold, freeze and rising pain.

In simplier cases it’s enough to resect the exostosis and extirpate the inflamed bursa.

In case of  varus állás of the first toe, straightening is made by different operation technics.  ……

The following photo shows a simple case before and a few days atfer the operation.On the first picture the inflamed bursa can be seen well. (Under there is exostosis too) Photo  – after operation – made just few days after, the place of incision  is well visible, but the hurting protrusion disappeared.

Before – after operation 1.

In every case I do operation with local anaesthesia, so you can go home afterwards. It’s better to have someone to accompany you because you can’t drive a car or use public transportation.

Bring a pair of  large slippers or open-nose sandals so as the first day’s big bandage can fit in. Atfer 2 days you come to my office for changing the bandage. Suture-taking is 12-14 days atfer operation. After the operation you don’t need to be laid down, but walk only if it is necessary and even in this case, walk on your heal or on whole sole. You mustn’t roll your feet. In more complicated cases, improvement takes 3-4 weeks, so you need to choose the operation date when you are not busy at home or at work. There’s time to rest and recover.